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Monday, March 10, 2014


NOTE: This is TRUE for any country with a Peoples Constitution!

Re: Recognition And Application Of Constitutional Building Code Reform  The US Inherent Constitutional Building Codes (ICB Code)

US States are deprived of this fundamental law, costing more than just lives but also a way of life guaranteed to them, for within the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights is the Inherent Constitutional Building Code, not yet realized.

There is a difference between a natural disaster and a weather phenomenon, primarily in man made structure. Furthermore, is it a natural disaster when the human rubble is an ecological disaster? Much has been lost without the ICB Code, that’s in relation to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and originates with these words:

INDIVIDUALISM, of a State and its citizens, are in constant threat of Federal Jurisdiction, a Martial law with extreme weather, or when a factory/corporation’s operations pose a threat with or without a natural disaster.

LIFE AND LIBERTY, is equal to saying Free Will, also known as metaphysics. This cannot be if everything you achieve in this world can be wiped off the face of the Earth because one’s home is no longer a shelter.

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS vanishes quickly in places like Tornado Alley and coastal regions with no code reform in sight after over 200 years of Natural Disaster History.

PROPERTY of every nature is jeopardized with the current state of affairs, case in point, Polar Vortex, New Jersey, Philippines, Haiti, and Tornado Alley to start with. Even the existence of nuclear power plant strips us of these Rights. (Look to Fukushima nuclear power plants for the truth to this)

When asking “What does the government owe to society?” Sharswood* put it best in saying, “The impartial administration of equal and just laws, which insure the security of life, liberty, and property.”

The ICB Code is advantageous to the sustainability of this country and its future generations. Once recognized the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (NDEH Code) can also be implemented at some point.**

Notes: *Owen’s Law Quizzer pg713, 5th Edition, 1898 By Wilber A. Owen, **For further information on the NDEH Code go to

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One body, one people, one world

To all the PEOPLES of OUR great Planet EARTH,
Thank you for taking the time to read the rambling’s of a simple being on Earth.
We are a people not a PARTY
Saving lives in everyday life
It has always been the hopes of this writer to make a difference in our world in any and every way I can! Thank you all for helping that happen. Each time one visits any of these sites it gives me the strength to keep going. It is easy to fool oneself that they are not of importance to our world, so please except my gratitude!
Я Революційна далекоглядний, Україна Дівчина, дванадцята покоління американських. Моє спадщина втратив Моє серце залишається.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Any time you feel weak in your convictions of the past, know right then you have WON. For in the convictions of our past is the Strength to move forward in our future! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Rich vs the Poor

CALL TO ARMS!!!!!! We must stand up as a people (WORK FORCE) and demand a "WORLD WIDE MINIMUM WAGE". IF all workers around the world did not go to work for one week to show the RICH who is really in charge and to show how much we want a "WORLD WIDE MINIMUM WAGE" and no more SLAVERY, we could bring that change we so badly need! 


FROM JUNE 16th to JUNE 22nd DON'T GO TO WORK!!!!!!


June 16th
June 22nd

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who am I

When compared to the Universe
I am nothing but one grain of sand
Upon a beach that never ends
To the world that surrounds me
Yet, for me
Deep in my chest
There is a aching pain
For as I look upon this beach
I feel as though I was the Great Mountain
A Mountain with many rivers
Rivers of tears
Tears running down the eroding face of the Mountain
That gave Birth to the Beautiful beach
A beach now stained with Blood
For, where there should be;
Truth, Love, and Unconditional Understanding
Instead we find;
Betrayal, Hate, and Unconditional Disrespect
In seeing this
I humbly ask the people of our world
To look into your books of faith
And see what I see
For I know not the line drawn in the sand
And feel, if any one suffers so shall we all suffer
Their cries sadden me as if they are my own children
To me, I am the Mother to all that will have me
The sister to whom so need me
Color, nor Race, nor religious belief will stop me from being there for you
Man, Woman, Child does not matter to me
For we are all Children in the eyes of our God’s
So therefore in mine

Monday, August 27, 2012

What 1.0% are they talking about?

In 1913 the tax rates were as follows;

Adjusted for Inflation 1913 CPI: 9.9 (This tax applied to Married filing Jointly & Separately, Single, and Head of Household)

Marginal tax rates (%): 1.0% was the $0 but for over $453,292, 2.0% was $453,292 but for over $1,133,230, 3.0% was $1,133,230 but for over $1,699,849, 4.0% was $1,699,849 but for over $2,266,461, 5.0% was $2,266,461 but for over $5,666,152, 6% was $5,666,152 but not over $11,332,304, and finally 7.0% was $11,332,304 and above.

Now in 2011 the tax rates are as follows;

Rather than put down all the numbers, it is easier to say that the Federal Individual Income Tax burial slid the scales so much so that the 1.0% of 1913 is paying 146% of the tax! That is MORE THAN A 100% of the tax. So in reality there is no 1.0% to raze your fist to! Look it up at and see for yourself! 

According to Ellen Terrell of Business Reference Services “The 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, removed this objection by allowing the Federal government to tax the income of individuals without regard to the population of each State. For additional information on taxation in the United States, see the section on taxes on the web site of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.” There was also the Act of 1862 established the office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

To read up more on tax law and tax history go to
and here are other sites worth visiting; 

US Government wants more money for WAR! New War Tax coming.

Folks up at arms over War Tax,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Federal Tax?

If they keep bitten the hand that feeds them the true leaders of the US (WE THE PEOPLE) are going to stop feeding them. And F.Y.I. FED TAX even in 1909 was found to be unconstitutional. But the Government had Okayed at one time to tax only the 1% for a set amount of years. Now days after WWII the government asked the people for a WAR TAX and the people said yes because of Pearl Harbor. From this point on the government was hooked, and the Continues War Tax was born, now called Federal taxes.

YA MAN, build underground shelters, it will SAVE YOU LIFE! NOT!

If the Earth is 3/4 water why would you be underground? And why is a SQUARE STRUCTURE not safe on a ROUND PLANET? Finally, If natural Disasters are Natural, then why are they a disaster? All of these questions can be answered by BUILDING TO FLOW WITH NATURE through BUILDING CODE REFORM!

BUILDING CODE REFORM IS A MUST in order to put the word SHELTER back into your HOMES and WORKPLACES! READ MORE AT  learn about the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.Code) and how it can bring hope to OUR WORLD!  

In a nut shell! The UGLY TRUTH!

We are next! These are Obama's home people he says, and look what he does for them;  A fake war on a "FEELING" called Terror! Terror is not a living thing but a reaction or an emotion, but not a living thing! When both in the US and Africa children go hungry and have no home. Then these same folks say a Corporation is a LIVING THING! But these same people DO NOT RECOGNIZED OUR MOTHER EARTH! Thank you UN, all our so called leaders and you Obama for forsaking all that which is HOLY under a flag of Religion run by Corporations, controlled by ALL media conglomerates under the direction of Gridiron Club of DC!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The here and now

Awaking this day in a world
Forced to live a unorthodox existence
In relation to the Divine Universe
Consciousness that comes with pain
Where once there was peace
Once of a humble, spiritual world
Now to find a world that has no self worth
To have been a simple monk
Whittling the free time away
Words of the ancient teaching
Echoing in the mined
Carving ancient ruins
Never foretelling of this tainted world now seen
Eyes opening
To feel the inner soul cry out
For not just what is to be seen
Death, sickness, despair, greed, corruption
The forsaking of others
One can smell, taste, feel and see
Harmony in the universe is no more
Our waters cannot satisfy the thirst
The fragrances of the winds are no longer sweet
Food brings no nourishment
Our Mother is ill
Her tears weep from the sky
Tainted with the poisons of mankind
To feel as She feels
Chest tightens, air becomes thick, the body is weak
The pain, helplessness, the feeling of betrayal
“My children”
Comes crying out
Tears trickle down cheeks
Like rain runs down the face of the mountain
For even the garments warn
The wares one owns
To the dwellings therein are tainted
As dusk fall in the evening sky
Laying down to dream of what once was
And is no more
My Brothers where are ye
You have not come for me
And I have not the way
Can one still find peace within the Temple
To awaken once again behind those ancient wall.
Having peace once again

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The last 20 odd years, everyone in and out of politics is trying to justify how to pay for SSI (Social Security Income). For me the answer is clear:

When SSI is paying for SSDI and other such benefits, it is no wonder SSI is in bad shape. SSI was intended for retirement benefits. Later through the Disability Act, people injured on the job and forced in to early retirement do to an inability to work or physically or mentally disabled, were added to the payout. Now if you are young and get on SSI do to job related injury, you have had not paid in to the system enough to receive far benefits and you are going to put a dent in to someone else’s benefits later on when they need them.
Now if we separated the way benefits are paid in and out we could maybe find a way to stabilize Social Security. One way it could be done is;

WSSI or Workers Social Security Income: Corporate America pays in so much a year for the needs of the working disabled citizens (Meaning folks that became disabled do to work). For they are the ones we build for when we are injured (factories, mining, and construction workers are some).

CESSI or Cause and Effect Social Security Income: Corporate America, medical facilities, and the FDA will pay in so much a year for the folks born with or naturally developed over time disabled citizens. For more birth defects and disabilities developed though the course of ones life, are on average do to toxic chemicals, minerals, and hazardous materials being released in to a society and it’s environment, prescribed medications, medical project aero. As well as, FDA approving things like pharmaceutical & over the counter drugs, tobacco products, and artificial food products (Additives, preservatives, and DNA altered plants & live stock to mention some), that contribute to the overwhelming cost to care for the disabled.

RSSI of Retirement Social Security Income: Is folks paying in for their retirement benefits.

It always seems easier to see the truth of this when you’re on the outside looking in!
I hope that this helps in some way to find resolution for SSI.

And remember, getting off SSI is just as important as getting on SSI, so we need to promote FREE patent searches, and Free business and product research and development, for all those that have broken bodies but not a broken mined that are on SSI. This would help folks get off SSI and promote new jobs in the work place.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Citizenship, is not a right or a privilege, it’s a responsibility

Citizenship, is not a right or a privilege, it’s a responsibility to your countrymen and Your Constitution not your government. We were a people before we were a country. It is called patriotism not governmentism. We were given the right to disband our government, our government dose not have the right disband us!

If we were to start pointing fingers, wouldn’t it be “PRUDENT” to go after the companies that are making a profit form the war by supplying the other side. It seems once again all the IBM, Blackwater Worldwide/Xe Services LLC type conglomerates are going to make money from the blood of the innocent. At the same time men, women, children, and even a Nun are being tortured in the name of “Homeland Security” in two of the worst torture chambers/ Concentration Camps of modern time called, “Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo Bay Prison

According to Wikipedia:
“It has been known for decades that the Nazis used Hollerith equipment and that IBM's German subsidiary during the 1930s, Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen GmbH (Dehomag) supplied Hollerith/IBM equipment. As with hundreds of foreign-owned companies that did business in Germany at that time.”

In addition, “In Baghdad, on February 16, 2005, four Blackwater guards escorting a U.S. State Department convoy fired 70 rounds into an Iraqi's civilian car. The guards stated that they felt threatened by the car's approach.”

What of their crimes? No, they say forget the Killing of 100,000’s of Jews killed in order for IBM double in size and Monthly Gross income x12 during World War II. Forget that Blackwater has authorization to kill anyone the US Government considers a threat. These men of God that are like androids, non thinking, non questioning, with no reasoning or compaction for human life, are killers with a free pass to murder, and get to walk free among us. Yet, the innocent die in the name of Terrorism. Terrorism is an action not a people.

And yet a boy named Omar Khadr was fifteen years old when US troops imprisoned him in Afghanistan in 2002 (According to Democracy Now and other new services). They think that Omar Khadr may have thrown a grenade at a group of soldiers, all that is truly know is that he was found injured and comatose at the seen. So our US tax dollars are funding a fifteen year old boy to be beaten and threatened with rape after he arrived at Guantanamo Bay Prison. This is all on suspicion, not on evidence! Innocent until proven guilty, I say not! We are all guilty if they say we are and they can make the facts to back up any store for anything they feel is need to eliminate the threat.

Furthermore, we are been asked everywhere we turn do you have “ANY” Hispanic decent. Why? (Flash back, “Are you a Jew or of Jewish decent?”) Then there is the “Mexican Roundup” that has been going on for over a year but Arizona made it legal with the “Senate Bill 1070” on April 26, 2010 and rumors that Washington state is next. Now this Senate Bill 1070 charges Arizona state workers like cops and teachers to turn in, detain or arrest you based on your visual appearance in regards to Hispanic or Mexican ethnicity. A round up of all Hispanic or Mexican regardless of your US heritage, guilty tell proven innocent. This frame of mined is no different then the Germans rounding up of the Jew.

With the “Mexican Roundup” going on for over a year now, I have hear headline such as;

“Iowa Town Turned into "Open-Air Prison" as Wives of Men Arrested in Largest Immigration Raid in US History Forbidden to Work...or Leave!”
“200 Arrested in Immigration Raids”
“Increased Raids and Checkpoint Arrests Endanger Undocumented Immigrants Threatened by Gulf Coast Storms”
“750+ Immigrants Detained in "Operation Return To Sender" Raids”

In many of the stories surfacing across America, you hear of mother, child(ren), and dad are all been housed in different Concentration Camps throughout the US, in the middle of old farmland. Just ask the truck drivers what they have seen. They are the one’s becoming disheartened in regards to what is happening in this country for they suppliers the country, and those needs are coming in to question.

Everywhere one looks our Civil Liberties are at risk or all ready have been compromised! It is not just the Hispanic or Mexican ethnicity that are been rounded up. It is anyone that the US Government perceives as a threat to the continuity of operations of the government. Also know “Federal Continuity Directive” hidden under the umbrella known as “Homeland Security Act.”

So now we hear things like;

“Lieberman on Revoking Terrorists' Citizenship: 'American Citizenship Is A Privilege, Not A Right,”
 "We Are Not Terrorists, Activists with the RNC Welcoming Committee Speak Out Against Police Crackdown & Terrorism Charges”
“Ramsey County Sheriff Admits Local Police Used Paid Infiltrators and Spied on Activists Including RNC Welcoming Committee”
These people/countrymen are not all terrorists, and illegal immigrants.

So what happen to our Constitutional Rights as they stand now! Do you think Article II Section 4 is still on the books?  Or what of our First Amendment Rights? For it is whom ever the US Government/ Continuity of Operations Program/ Homeland Security deems a threat that lose their Civil Liberties. If you say you are not with the government, than you’re against them and are easily labeled a terrorists, a anarchists, unpatriotic or if you or a family member were not born in the US, a illegal immigrant.

Your rights as an US Citizen are no more when you look at the Big Picture. Not if Sen. Joe Lieberman, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Homeland Security get their way. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it best “U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not a right." Citizenship, is not a right or a privilege, it’s a responsibility to your countrymen and the US Constitution not the government or Article II Section 4 would not be a part of our US Constitution.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should look in to the fact that we swear our elegance to the Country, not the Government, and to uphold our oath to the Constitution not Homeland (Home-office) Security. Just by writing this article, I can be considered a combatant and a terrorist according to many new laws that have been put in to place since 9/11! We didn’t just have two buildings (jets & countrymen) fall that day, our democratic government fell as well.

So once again I say to you that I argue that Citizenship is not a Right or a Privilege, it’s a Responsibility to your Countrymen and the US Constitution, not the US Government. That is way “OUR FOREFATHERS” put in to affect Article II Section 4 of the peoples Constitution: “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”
Where do you stand?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The only hero on the playground

As a youngster, I too would plead for a penny to put in the candy machine. Unlike most youngsters, if I received the penny, I would then rush over and give it to the child begging for a penny. Needless to say, I stopped getting pennies for I would just give them away.

At about age five I met an older gent whittling by a stump. While observing him at work shaving the wood away, I asked how many friends he had (For I thought someone that old must have a lot), he said to me, “Youngen, You‘ll be lucky if when you’re my age you can count one friend on your hand!” Contemplating this for a minute I said, “Well then, I will just have to make sure that I can be that one person on every persons hand I meet!” He stopped whittling and looked at me sternly, I looked back the same (Tom-boy, redhead). He smiled, offered me a some lemon aid as our discussion continued. When it came time to go he called to me as I was walking away and said, “Of all the spirits I have met in my life time, I think you could do it.” “Let me be your first friend.”

Then as a youth, I started school at age 14 in Pittsburgh California (Antioch J. H.). I had to contend with a lot of harassment. It wasn’t just because I was a New’vy, there was the fact that I was illiterate (according to their standards in the 3 R’s, I could walk in to the woods and never have to come out if I didn’t wish, with remarkable math skills), and learning disabilities. Then socially inapt when it came to living in a polyester, Catholic Church on Sunday, public school, track home lifestyle I now had to live (Railroad overalls, wood cook stove, oil lamps, never staying in one place to long and no school).

I literally woke up in a new world! Yet, even my archenemy, I won over because I cared when no one else would. Even at the cost of been beat up by another archenemy in the bathroom, I would not leave her side. Also at the time, I had only one male best friend, this was a young man fixed in a chair (You would never knew it though), whose only way to talk was to use his eyes or a stick (I still love and miss you all).

I could go on and on, but the truth of the matter is that even as a small child, I wanted to be a Hero! So I became a Hero, only to find I was the only hero on the playground (I did attend 1st grade). Even sadder still, it seems I am practically still the only Hero on the playground now, which makes for a lonely life.

My mother said to me more then once to stop being a “JOAN of ARC.” I would tell her I couldn't help it, (With a, “You can’t save the world” speech). It was not until yrs later I understood who “JOAN of ARC.” was.

Furthermore, hearing more then once that any person can give shelter and healing to a friend, but to put aside ones differences and help those that at one time did you wrong was truly an act of kindness in the Eyes of God (for me, my Great Parent). So that is what I do. Only to have the folks tell me “You have doormat written all over your forehead” Hearing this more times then I like, I came back one day with “Don’t they say God rewords you double in heaven for your un-selfish deeds here on earth when you get to heaven?” “Ya” “Well, I would rather have Doormat Doormat on Gods forehead then Azzhole Azzhole.”  I just can’t give up on Humanity! If that makes me a sucker oh well, I have no regrets

Now as a adult, I have worked over 15 yr or so, pushing for building code reform, to save lives, land, and liberties (Blog: "Build to flow with nature and not to resist it"). As well as, writing a book these last 8 yrs, that I am now publishing on a Blog (A Funny Little Thought). This book is dedicated to humanities, community awareness, and solution for both. Then there are the innovations in business ideas and products to help communities, save lives, land. Followed by some business venture that serve the public with little to nil competition, which is essential to a starting company and it's investors (Blog: Brainstormen Headhunter).

Even thou I have not made any new change in the world yet, I shall not yield. I will continue until I am taken seriously by the world and it’s needs. After so many yrs networking, I would have thought some one would have wanted to bring change, nothing so far. I guess I am still one of the only Heroes on the playground.

Help me help the world, so I can do my job!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whom will you Lead if there is no people to follow

We are all the same when you get right down to it, "earthlings (Holocaust proved that, old money no money, all the same dead and naked)."  We are all people that have been forced to live in "Fear" of one another far to long. This is do to Our Leaders way of controlling the masses, through corruption, propaganda, media and pure fear of the other guy getting a leg up in the war department/power trip.

 If and when the people of this planet stop living in fear and just except one another for what each of us are (For we are acting like children fighting over "Who's" the favorite in Our Great Parents Eyes), we will see that there is no need for nuclear bombs.

Just take into account the fact that if every nuclear power plant on this earth went up, there wouldn’t be a living thing on this planet. You would have to concede that there is no room for more nuclear power, bombs or any other darn thing that has to do with something that has no "Half life."

In fact nuclear waste and destruction will out live us and our children’s children (and Hot scrap metal and tools meant to be buried, are instead sold off to contractors under the table and the tax payer pays the price in more then one way, with new metal prices and radiation poisoning).  Yet, THEY, our leader still wish to make more and more of this deadly elixir, and all in the name of peace and preservation, HA!  No Preservation in the word "FIRE!"  Just Boom!

Coupled this with the fact that none of our leaders are coming forward with the fact that our globe is about ready to pop its cork, with earth quakes, volcanic activity and global worming up over a 100% above norm. More and more everyday the Government sworn to protect us is tying the hands of our scientist to further exam the issues and a gag-order on those that know to much. In addition, they are pulling WEB sites that have any reference to Mother earth’s health.

Unfortunately, all that really interested “The People” at the “TOP’ is how much money they can make off the condemned people of this planet, before the shit hits the fan.  They, "Our Officials," already know the inevitable, and have their safe haven picked out already and really do not care what happens to the little guy, just like New Orland’s (wealthy live, poor died, wealthy homes are restored, poor must fight for it).

However, I say to you our Leaders, what's the use?  If there's no one left to rule-over, why would we need a Leader?  We as the "People of the World"  ( Stop "New World Order"{Leaders take over all the way], "We are One People," Mother-earths children [We take over], let me hear your Voice) need to realize that we are in this together and we are no longer people of different countries but instead one people of one planet (some of us call it Mother-earth). We need to stand up as such and lute our voices be heard, and have our leaders be held accountable for what they are doing not just to us but also our home planet “Earth”..
Learn More at my other Blog..

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Living in, or visiting the lower 48 states, I have found a profound sadness creeping across the land called, “STATE CUSTODY.” If you think your child(ren) is(are) your own, you are mistaken! In most states if you step out of line of the white picket fence life you are expected to live in the US you may find out otherwise!
For, if you end up in the courts (do to divorce/custody battle exedra) or state aid of any kind, you will find you are not the one in control, and you truly have no rights to your own child(ren). “For once you are seen you can not hide!” The State may require you to report to them for years to come. The State can also make it to were you can not depart their state, until the child is over 18 years of age.
Furthermore, GOD forbid you are a young adult that has had a troubled past (“HOMELAND SECURITY ACT” No more patient Doctor privileges, Doctors are required to report, if you or a family member you mention has had alcohol, drug, child abuse or any other such thing, to the STATE you live in.), that has been made known to them (The State). If this be the case, you stand a good chance that the state will find a reason to remove your child from your care before the child is 18.
Worst yet, if you are disabled, low income, no support system (family to fall back on) or elderly with a grandchild(ren), they know you don’t have a leg to stand on or money to stop their (The States) intervention in your family affairs. So many “GOOD” families I have seen crushed by the state a person reside in.
And let us not even go in to the fact that the states idea of permanent placement. More children have been neglected, raped, killed, and worked as slaves in these homes of “Permanent Placement” then one can even comprehend. Lets just say the Catholic Church look like a “Saint” compared to the way states turn their own heads the other way when it comes to being their (The States) fault a child is harmed (and pray its not yours). Their parent only fault was being poor!
In our defiance (Meaning the peoples), I tell you this true story:
My oldest daughter (25yr old) told me once, “ The best time I ever had was when we only had cardboard boxes for furniture!” “Why” I asked. “Because it was fun and you taught me that no matter how hard life gets even if you lose everything you can still make it and have fun too!” Struggle builds character, not abuse.
I dedicate this Blog to all of you that have lost your loved ones do to “State Intervention.” Mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s, grandma’s, granddad’s, aunt’s and uncle’s I weep with you for I know your pain. May this help you find closure or recognition, or just vindication of some kind!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To be Disabled or Elderly in America

Here I sit, thinking how once I made $38.00 ph when I worked Building America. Now the Federal Government (with their $80.00 ph wage) and the State Government (with their $20 to $50 ph wage) pay me barley $6.92 ph to live off and feed, house ($750 rent), and care for my two kids still in the home. Even sadder still, the state I live in taxed my SSI and reduced the money my children received by a 1/3 in TANF (food and cash).
So with SSI’s $3.01 ph + $1.99 ph TNAF (State)+$1.92 ph in food stamps we call it living. I did not ask to be disabled! I now live on for American standers, a none living wage. For how can't I have a car and maintain it or anything else for that matter.
"Please don’t think bad of me for being broken (or old)," is what I say a lot, for I worked from age 3 until my 30s. And here I sit in pain, with no real money or health-care for the the children or I.
Oh, on the up side, the State Doctors wants to give me pain pills to mask my pain, but not fix the problem. These pills are worth from $20 to $80 a piece on the street. Bull S**T, I cannot and will not accept the pain pills anymore and have not for sometime.
I feel it is entrapment by my Government, in regards to the fact that; “What good parent is going to let their child go without when they have the means to make their life better.” Ether way, I must suffer without pain meds, for if I had them I would sell them for my children to finely have the thing they need, and now I must go without for the temptation is to grate! Heck, I have known some folk that had to sell their pills to keep a roof over their head, food on the table, pay car insurance, gas, and Meds in the cabinet.
In many ways, a disabled/elderly person has less right then a Felon. The cost of taking care of us is about the same per day, when it come to cost to the Taxpayer. We both can’t own a gun. For me a gun is an asset and for the Felon it’s back up the river! (You pay about $20k a year for a felon & about $8k for me)
NOW, the big difference between a Disabled/elderly person and a Felon is the fact that, even though a Disabled person can vote, our Constitutional Right to “Prosper” from that vote is NO MORE! Where a Felon has NO RIGHTS to vote, he/she has every right to prosper from yours and my vote.
How dose it feel to work hard throughout ones life to help your Country Prosper, and to give the ultimate sacrifice and becoming disabled in life do to the hard work and dedication to the growth of America. Only to be told you cannot have a living wage, your children after age 16 will have their teeth pulled do to State health care, that you can’t build up any assets of any kind like a boat or motorbike, or real-estate investments and/or stocks. H_E_Double_Hockey sticks, you can’t even be married or the FEDS will cut your SSI benefits in half.
P.S. Worst yet, I was recently told by the State I now live in, that any children one has in this State, belong to the State and one must report to them any movement, even if you move to a different school district you must seek their permission!!! WHAT IS AMERICA COMING TO!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lines drawn in the sand

Nowadays, our government and Big business have partnered up to rake the American people across the coals. Way else have the oil, food (with a decrease in portions), and lumber companies recorded record profits? (And the worker nothing)
Furthermore, now it has been reviled to the general public that the savings rate has gone in the negative. Eyes open?
This is perhaps, do to the cost of living going through the roof, lute alone the cost to build a roof, and the rates (interest rates and so on) increases in more then one sector (with promises of more to come), coupled with the Price Gouging that is occurring in the U.S. do to the so called War on terrorist, by the oil, power, and construction supply corporations.
I say the so called War on terrorist, for we have more terrorist in the U.S. then the hole Middle East, with gang activity at a all time high witch is branching out from all the major cities to the more remote towns and cities, and then there is the K.K.K., Aryan Nation, The Mulisha, Skin Heads, The Mob’s (Russian, Turkish, China, Mexican, Italy, and so on), Right-wing Fanatics, The Right to Lifers/“Mommy killers”(lets blow up a P.P.H. so we can stop killing of unborn babies and who cares if a mommy 8 month pregnant getting prenatal care dies, we are doing Gods work. "NOT any God I know")(Hay did you eat eggs this morning?), School Alameda's like the Skulls & The Masons, Free Masons, The Cartels and so on. If the people in office are true Christians shouldn't they be “Pluck the thorn out of their own eye” before we go do it another country?
Dose the V.A.?

Monday, March 15, 2010

The American Dollar

It seems we are cutting off our nose, to spite our face. In the last eight years I have see our dollar do a belly flop in to the abyss of corruption and deception! In the mid 90’s the American Dollar was in more a superior standing in the world global market. With the people we have in office right now, I feel that the Integrity of the U.S. Dollar and what it truly represents is at risk of total obliteration. It was bad enough that in the late 60’s early 70’s our government removed the gold and silver from our money so now it is pretty much worthless printed paper & coins (mining companies and towns went under) and seized all the gold people had and enacted laws to make it harder to own gold, cobalt, platinum, and so on (this was the death of Reno NV). Now they are taking the copper out of our pennies.

Our Forefathers must be rolling in their graves at the mockery that we have now become! No longer do “We hold these truths to be self evident.” By cutting up our constitution to suit the party in office and their agenda, “We the People” loses it’s meaning!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Once a Great Nation

We were once one of the most powerful Nations in the world; do to our highly skilled workforce, good business ethics, and for always setting precedence in the world for our advancements in all fields. Now, we are known for being a Horde Monger, that has no respect for the workers they employ overseas or for the ones left behind in the states, and we have become a nation bent on Money and Power, and not Unconditional Respect for our Follow Man, Woman, and Child. We need to set the record straight, and get back to good business, before we have nothing to call our own, and our name as a Leader of Nations is tarnished beyond repair. For with the state of affairs in our country right now and the American workers having its future sold right out from under their noses, and the farmland being sold off to foreign investors or just vanishing all together there may not be anything left of America to pass on to our children, grandchildren, and our future generations!
Raising and lowering interest rates, is nothing more then a band-aid on an amputation of the American workforce! In order to reattach this limb, Laws must change in the U.S., to protect American jobs and American workers and the products made therein. With responsible legislation we need to enact laws that penalize U.S. companies with more then 35% of their factories outside the U.S. with stiffer tariffs, and taxes! They also need to halt the sell off of US companies, factories, and farmland to Foreign Investors. Moreover, we as Americans need to look closely at the companies we invest in, to insure we invest in American Based companies, and workers. If the U.N. pushed for a World Wide Minimum Wage, to eliminate slave labor, sweatshops and insure a living wage, for our country and other Third World Countries, the world’s poor people would no longer be raped by Big Business. We do need to do our part in helping Third World Countries develop economic stability but not at the cost of our own economic stability.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A true Representative of the people is

A true Representative of the people, to some of “My Fellow Americans,” is one that represents all of the people of His or Hers City, County, State and Country. A person wishing to be President, should in body this way of thinking when running for office. The only way this can truly be done in some people’s eyes is for the President not to belong to any one party. For how can you truly represent all the people if you only represent one side of the parties? You can’t! This, in the long run, can destroy even the best of Nations, just ask, Idealism! To continue this way is only going to divide this Great Nation even more than it already is, and that’s not good. Our President when asked what party does He or She represent, should state, “I am not Republican, Democratic, or Independent, I am none of the above for I am For the People, By the People, With the People and I will Not Elevate myself Above the People, for I am SUBSERVIENT to the needs of All the People of this Great Land and will not sway to any one parties favor, for my job is to represent the people, Not The Parties They Belong To!”. Our Nation is like a great crystal (eclectic) with many facets and like a crystal, if you only see one facet of a crystal, you will never see its true beauty, America, is “A Nation Of Nations.”